Several bloggers have become successful entrepreneurs with the help of their blog, but maybe blogs wouldn’t be successful unless the blogger was an entrepreneur in the first place…

Kenza Zouiten is a perfect example of the meaning of “from blog to business” since the entrepreneur in her has taken advantage of the blogging trend to advance in the business industry and create her identity as a modern businesswoman. Sponsorships has enabled her to make a living out of blogging about her everyday life and fashion, which recently resulted in the launch of her own clothing and jewellery brand. She meets the standards of a professional blogger by giving insights into- and promoting- her businesses while bouncing off readers to involve them in her corporate life. There are a few cases of moneyblogging from her early days as a blogger, but today the difference is that her blogging leads to business partnerships for personal career advancement. Maybe this trend will turn when she gets “to old to blog”, i.e. when she’s no longer catching readers’ attention because she’s too old to stay in the loop. The blogging wave keeps developing, and it’s vital that professional bloggers develop with it. Although, when she stops blogging she’ll still be a successful entrepreneur. The thing is that perhaps she wouldn’t have been a successful entrepreneur unless she had a widely renowned blog.

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