As the Social Media Bible states:

“Wikis… truly represent the social media foundation of user-generated content and the wisdom of the crowds.”

Maybe more like the ridiculousness of the crowds

Teachers tell you not to cite Wikipedia for a reason. Its clever name plays on “encyclopaedia”, implying an unimpeachable and unbiased compilation of information, but really- Wikipedia vandals have ruined the wiki for other readers to the point where no credibility for the website remains. It can’t be trusted. What’s the point of having a website with information gathered from the public when the information is incorrect or is being misused? Wikipedia definitely needs more preventive anti-vandalism restrictions in place in order for it to gain better reputation, and frankly, to start being a useful wiki. In the meantime, I’ll continue to see Wikipedia as a wiki lacking validity as a legitimate source of information.

What’s your opinion- Wikipedia: yay or nay?

#Wikipedia #vandalism




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