Long live Coca-Cola

To me, successful social media campaigns are the ones you don’t mind watching over and over again, unlike ads that you just want to go away ASAP. You share the good ones with your friends or networks. They appeal to you thanks to a number of things, perhaps due to the human interest factor, the tall poppy syndrome or because it’s unusual. Anyway, this Coca-Cola campaign was launched years ago, but it remains popular. It should work as a role model for PR practitioners, especially when they’re trying to come up a – hopefully – viral campaign. It was successful on so many levels. Not just in a ROI kind of way, or in terms of great visibility of tactics (smart move to use the billboard in Kings Cross!). Even on a personal level- people were frantic about this campaign and actually made an effort to look for “their own” bottle. That worked in favour for Coca-Cola when customers then took to social media, posting thousands of pictures of bottles with their name on it. After launching the campaign, it basically took off to another level by itself and resulted in record-breaking consumption. In a way, all the pictures of personal Coke bottles on Facebook worked as free advertising for the company. Because even if you think you’re not affected by what you see on social media, I bet you’ve been intrigued by this very campaign. Surely, you’ve been one of those people looking for your own name among all those Coca-Cola bottles at the supermarket, hoping you’ll find it one day.

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Kings Cross, Sydney.

Kings Cross, Sydney.


Tall Poppy Syndrome

Tall Poppy Syndrome



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