Messi selfie the highlight at Beijing Olympic Stadium

Argentina had the crowd’s support, but Brazil had the luck on their side. After an hour of tough Argentinean pressure, Brazil scored the first goal in a moment of luck. Brazil’s weak performance improved shortly after and the Brazilian finesse showed its true colours.

Despite Argentina owning the ball possession percentage in the first half, the Argentineans’ minor mistakes resulted in major flaws. The Argentinians played the best soccer for an hour but were unable to score.

The Brazilians picked up their game after the first goal and the second goal had an equally lucky touch as the first one. Argentina pushed through and created some opportunities, but none of them were of any danger to Brazil.

And where was Messi? Definitely not in his best form as shown after a missed penalty kick. Unlike him, the person breaching security and running freely around the field was certainly happy for getting a selfie with La Pulga himself.

Considering Brazil’s flop in the World Cup, this could certainly hint at a complete Brazilian recovery in the name of world class soccer.


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