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Part 1 of the submarine stir in Sweden

Salvagers deny Swedish sub wreck was PR stunt

Salvagers deny Swedish sub wreck was PR stunt

Ocean X Team members Peter Lindberg and Dennis Åsberg. Photo: Ocean X Team

Speculation was running high on Wednesday over the discovery of a wrecked submarine off the coast of Sweden, after the military said it was likely a Russian vessel which ran aground a century ago.

After examining video footage by a group of salvage hunters purporting to show a wrecked underwater vessel in Swedish waters, the military concluded it was likely that of an Imperial Russian ‘Som class’ submarine which sank in May 1916.

As reported by The Local, the submarine was found about 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 kilometres) off the east coast of central Sweden. Ocean X Team, which made the discovery, said the vessel was around 20 metres (66ft) long and 3.5 metres wide.

An examination by the Swedish Armed Forces showed that it was built for the Imperial Russian Navy in Vladivostok in 1904 and integrated into the naval fleet in the Baltic Sea in 1915. It ran aground with an 18-member crew a year later.

“We won’t take this forward with a technical analysis, because there is no military interest any more. We have done our bit and have reported it to the government. They will take it further and then they have to agree with Russia about what to do,” spokesman Jesper Tengroth told The Local on Tuesday.

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